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St. Francis Sailing Foundation Supports Aspiring Sailors

Bernard P Hagan

A past president of the West Bay Division of the California Building Industry Association, Bernard P. Hagan was an accomplished real estate and land development executive whose career spanned more than 40 years. Beyond his varied professional endeavors, Bernard P. Hagan held membership with the St. Francis Yacht Club (StFYC).

In addition to assisting its own members and athletes, the StFYC operates the St. Francis Sailing Foundation. Founded in 1985, the foundation was created to help grow the sport of sailing and provide support to aspiring competitive sailors, including those not registered with the club. For instance, the foundation recently backed United States Olympic Team athletes, including Caleb Paine, who earned a bronze medal in heavyweight men's singlehanded dignhy at the 2016 Olympic Games. Other Olympians supported by the foundation include Paige Railey, Paris Henken, Helena Scutt, Thomas Barrows, and Joe Morris. It has also helped Paralympians Ryan Porteous, Maureen McKinnon, and Dee Smith in their Olympic quests.
In addition to backing world-class athletes, the foundation provides introductory sailing programs targeted at underserved youth and individuals facing physical challenges. Those programs include Set Sail Learn, Call of the Sea, and the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors.

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